Publicly appointed and sworn expert

On 17 JAN 2011 I was appointed and publicly sworn in as an expert in the competence field of "Flight operation issues" by the IHK Saarland.

As publicly appointed and sworn expert I prepare my evaluations with absolute neutrality and to the best of my knowledge and belief. Be it from leadership positions or as a long-haul pilot in the military, flying freight or passengers for regional and charter flight operators, my extensive experience working for various airlines supports me during the evaluation process.

As an expert, I am available to companies, the judiciary, and private individuals for litigation processes related to the field of aviation.

For example, for the design and construction of modern wind-turbine power plants, which at an excess of 100m protrude into an area normally reserved for aviation purposes. Or be it the European Regulation on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay of flights; was the delay unavoidable or could have the airplane landed on time despite the actual weather conditions.

I also focus on training and education in addition to consulting: with a lecture on "Air Navigation and Aircraft Operation" at the University Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania in Rzeszow, Poland as part of the program "Aviation Management."

My fee calculation is based on the current applicable version of JVEG with individually agreed upon hourly rates.

My certificate of appointment can be viewed here. As a publicly appointed and sworn expert I am subject to the regulation governing Publicly Certified Experts (SVO) IHK Saarland, which can be viewed here in the German language.

I fall under the regulation of the Chamber of Commerce [IHK - German], Saarland:

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