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Planning and construction of wind-turbine power plants

Modern wind-turbine power plants, at a height exceeding 100m, protrude into an area that is normally reserved for aviation purposes. Therefore, the potential incompatibility or disruption of aviation should be considered prior to their construction and a corresponding approval must be obtained from the local authorities. As a publicly appointed and sworn expert I can be your partner in this case or in similar situations.

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Quality management

The introduction of a quality management system for the entire operational area of an airline is associated with many difficulties. It is also very important to convey the philosophy behind a quality management system to the more "seasoned" employees. The system also must meet the requirements of the supervisory authority, which in this case is the Federal Aviation Authority. As Quality Manager I will be happy to assist you with your project. 

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With my qualifications as a mechanical engineer and as  an airline transport pilot , combined with my experience in executing various functions for multiple carriers as a Quality Manager, Director of Flight Operations

and as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a large German regional airline as well as my work as a publicly appointed and sworn expert, I can support your company in many ways.